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In the biggest change to how the game plays since climbing and vaulting, PUBG gas cans are now explosive.

Aside from new maps and limited-time game modes, most of the differences to PUBG come under two categories: new weapons, vehicles or equipment; or general balance, tweaks or fixes to something that was already in the game.

We’re not entirely sure which category this change falls into. Yes, it’s a new weapon that wasn’t in the game before, but also, it’s a significant change to an item that’s been in the game since the beginning.

It doesn’t really matter. The salient detail is this: PUBG gas cans now explode.

One thing that PUBG has always missed is some sort of trap. Yes, you could improvise traps of sorts – by blowing up a damaged vehicle as a sort of massive landmine, or using tantalising items as lures – but for a game that is as much about tense cat and mouse moments as it is massive firefights? It felt like a strange omission. Particularly after so many tweaks and changes to the game over the past couple of years.

It’s not going to totally change the game, but it does offer an interesting new string to the bow, with an item that’s fairly commonplace. The creative reveal trailer is fun and all, but for a more practical example of how PUBG gas cans can be used, see this:

Or this:

Exploding gas cans aren’t the only additions to PUBG in the latest patch. The game now also features ledge grabs, an amphibious vehicle, a desert eagle-style pistol, and an Apex Legends-like radio system.

But mostly, it’s the gas cans.

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