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Overwatch is coming to Nintendo Switch this autumn

Blizzard’s massively popular hero shooter is coming to Nintendo’s massively popular portable console this autumn.



Overwatch Nintendo Switch

I’ve got you in my Switch. As the rumours foretold, Overwatch is coming to Nintendo’s portable console.

Blizzard’s popular hero shooter is arriving on Switch on Oct. 15.

The release was heavily rumoured after an Overwatch-themed Switch case popped up on Amazon on August 26. Kotaku independently confirmed the release yesterday prior to last night’s Nintendo Direct.


There’s plenty we don’t know yet about Overwatch on Switch. How will it run? Will the cartoon-y graphics hold up okay? Is Tracer coming to Smash? But, we do know that the Switch version will boast gyroscopic controls. The Direct presentation showed off a Junkrat player using motion controls to steer their Rip-Tire into the fray.

Will the Switch be the best place to play Blizzard’s competitive shooter? Almost certainly not. Will it be the best way to play Overwatch on your commute? Probably.

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