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iam8bit, purveyors of rather lovely gaming special editions, limited run books and vinyl, have added some new kids to their roster: the haunting, kaleidoscopic Oxenfree soundtrack.

Composed by SCNTFC and featuring stunning cover art reflecting Nightschool Studio’s quirky story and unique locales, the Oxenfree soundtrack is a typically glorious iam8bit production. Honestly, if you bought everything that looked pretty on there, you’d be living in the poorhouse – albeit with a beautiful set of collector’s edition vinyl – within a matter of months.

Still, the Oxenfree soundtrack on vinyl doesn’t release until September, so there’s time to mull it over. They do include a free download code, available from June 3, for every vinyl purchase.

Can’t wait that long for the Oxenfree soundtrack? You can also buy it from Amazon right now.

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