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Night School Studio announces the Oxenfree Switch release date, and it’s really rather soon.

Around a month ago, Night School Studio announced that Oxenfree, their supernatural teen adventure, would be making its way onto Nintendo Switch.

Hot on the heels of Ron Gilbert’s classically styled Thimbleweed Park, Oxenfree is arguably an even better fit for Nintendo’s consheld. [We will make this portmanteau of console and handheld stick if it kills us  – Ed.]

With its Telltale-esque branching conversation system – with bold, blocky, easy to read options – and its intriguing radio dial mechanic, the Oxenfree Switch version might just be the definitive version. Yes, it’ll run perfectly well on your telly in docked mode, just like it already has on PS4 and Xbox One, but you know what we’re most excited about?

Being able to play Oxenfree anywhere.

Yes, it sounds a little on the nose when that’s the whole point of the Switch consheld, but with Oxenfree that takes on an extra dimension. Imagine, if you will, going and playing it in the woods, or a spooky tree house, or an abandoned building. What about playing it on an island, or a beach, like the setting the characters in the game face?

Or if you’d rather not go out into the world, we reckon playing it under the covers on your bed with a torch – like reading a scary book after your parents had told you to go to bed as a kid – will be just the perfect way to enjoy Oxenfree.

The Oxenfree Switch version might have come last, but it could just be the definitive version, when it releases on October 6th, 2016.

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