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Pandemic Express is out now, includes generous launch discounts

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Save 34% on Pandemic Express, and if you buy within the first three days, get free copies for your mates.

Pandemic Express, from Tallboys and tinyBuild, is a game that will live or die on an active user base. It’s a multiplayer zombie arena game of sorts, a kind of inverted battle royale? 30 players are placed in a train station and tasked with escaping… then one player gets infected. If you join the infected, your goal is to infect all the remaining survivors. If you remain unbitten, you need to get to the train and ride it to safety.

So busy servers – with lots of zombie fodder – are essential to the success of Pandemic Express.

With that in mind, tinyBuild is offering some impressive launch discounts, now that Pandemic Express has released on Steam today.

There’s both a healthy discount on Pandemic Express’s regular price, and some additional benefits to being an early adopter. Here’s the full rundown of the discounts and deals from the press release:

  • The game is $14.99 with a 34% launch discount
  • If you own a previous tinyBuild game, you get an additional 10% off
  • For the first 3 days, everyone who buys Pandemic Express gets an extra copy to give to a friend
  • Our finance guy is going to stab me

(That’s verbatim, the press release really says that. No, we didn’t just spit our tea out all over the screen, you just spat your tea out all over the screen. Shut up.)

You can pick the game up now over on Steam right now.

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