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Square Enix releasing physical versions of Final Fantasy VII and VIII, again

Oh god, they’re going to make us buy Final Fantasy VII again, aren’t they?



Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII twin-pack
Square Enix / Thumbsticks

Oh god, they’re going to make us buy Final Fantasy VII again, aren’t they?

There aren’t many games that have been repackaged and resold more times than Final Fantasy VII. (Though Skyrim and GTA V are making a good stab at it, but still.)

Now, 23 years later, there’s going to be another way to buy it: Bundled with Final Fantasy VIII as a dual-pack on Nintendo Switch.


Specifically, this is a dual-pack of the original – not the remaster; no sign of a Switch release for that – version of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, together in one retail package. Presumably, that will include a Switch game card or two, but given the console’s history with physical releases containing download codes, it’s not guaranteed.

The Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Twin Pack will release for Nintendo Switch in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand on December 4, 2020.

But there’s more good news for fans of the eighth instalment: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will also receive a physical release on December 4, 2020. That one will just be for PS4, though, and will also be restricted to Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Sorry, America. Or maybe we’re not sorry? You’re being spared from buying Final Fantasy VII again. (We really don’t want to count up how much we’ve spent on that game over the years.)

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