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Get ready to jab some scary stuff into your eye holes with the all-new Prey free trial.

Arkane’s soft reboot of the Prey series is rather good. It’s an immersive sim in vein of System Shock, set on a scientific research space station, where bad things are happening.

Because in video games, scientists are always irresponsible jerks, right? (See also: Half-Life, Portal, Doom, Resident Evil, BioShock, System Shock…)

And before it launched in May 2017, it received a brief, one hour demo on PS4 and Xbox One. PC players never received that courtesy, though it could be argued Steam’s no questions asked, two hour refund policy had you covered there. Also, you couldn’t carry over any progress or achievements from the demo into your main game proper.

Bethesda and Arkane – possibly as a result of lukewarm sales, certainly not as hot as the critical reception – are now putting all of these issues with the initial demo right with a new, hour long Prey free trial.

So yes, you can play the new Prey free trial on PC, and yes, you can carry over your progress and achievements into the game if you then go on to purchase the full thing.

Oh, and two pieces of advice from us:

  • Recycle everything. You’ll thank us for it later.
  • Watch out for mimics…
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