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We have visions of Bethesda hastily slapping the release date onto the new Prey gameplay trailer, after Gamestop accidentally outed the release date.

Picture the scene: You work in Bethesda’s marketing department. You’ve spent weeks putting together a lovely new Prey gameplay trailer, which you’re busy tweaking and polishing, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got days, even weeks, before you need to hand it in. Then the phone rings.

“Hello, video team? Yes, this is management. Gamestop have screwed the pooch… long story short, we need you to release that Prey gameplay trailer right now. Yes, really. Literally right now. The time it took me to confirm that instruction means it’s already ten seconds too late… oh, and can you splice the release date in there?” *

Anyway, the upshot of all this nonsense, which started with Gamestop releasing a flyer with the Prey release date on it – yes, printed flyers! Who knew? – is that we now know when the much-anticipated reboot will hit the shelves. There’s also the aforementioned Prey gameplay trailer, 80 seconds of monsters, space stations and science-filled exposition, which is well-worth watching before you get to the meaty release date.

So there we have it. Bethesda have confirmed the Gamestop leak is correct, and that the Prey reboot will release on May 5, 2017.

With science guys in a science facility, delivering science talk from a first-person perspective and wielding science guns against sci-fi monsters (that look suspiciously like headcrabs) you could be forgiven for thinking Prey looks an awful lot like a Valve game.

Still, it’s shaping up rather well, even if the video team are having a rough time of it.

*Not an actual transcript of an actual conversation that took place at Bethesda. We’re simply speculating. Seems imminently possible, doesn’t it?

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