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Another day, another enormous PUBG milestone. You’d think we’d be tired of this by now, but it’s just brilliant.

I’m not saying PUBG has taken over my life at all, but I’ve just written a news story about it, I’m writing another one, and then the moment I’m done? I’m strapping on my parachute and hitting the ruins, folks.

It’s a short one, this piece. In part, because we’ve passed the point where we need any exposition about what PUBG is and just how massive it’s gotten in spite of still being in Early Access, but also because it’s toppling milestones with such alarming regularity if we wrote 500 words about them all, we’d never write about anything else.

Just days after passing 10 million sales, PUBG has just topped a million concurrent players on Steam.


That’s it. That was the news. Now, I’m going to go and add one more user to that concurrency total…

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