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You can almost set your watch by it: here’s the latest ‘PUBG smashes its own concurrent player record’ news story.

PUBG sets new CCU record on Steam

You’d think we’d be bored of reporting this particular story by now. Every few weeks – at the most – we end up posting another news story about some seemingly unfeasible statistic about how well PUBG is doing.

We might be bored of reporting on it. We’re not entirely sure we can tell the difference anymore. It’s just one long, continuous numbness of superlatives. Can you get Stockholm Syndrome about a video game? Or more specifically, because of reporting on a video game? We’re not sure, but it definitely feels odd.

Back to the news: PUBG has crashed through the 3 million player mark, somewhere around lunchtime on December 29th, 2017.

PUBG 3 million player mark

Seems like only 10 or 11 weeks ago that we were writing a news story about PUBG passing 2 million concurrent players. [It was – calendar Ed.]

PUBG ruins Christmas

Christmas day. A day for spending time with relatives, eating and drinking too much, and generally being a sociable member of the family, right?

Or alternatively, perhaps it’s a day for dropping onto an island (or into a desert) with 99 strangers and trying to murder them all. It’s hardly peace on earth and good will to all men, is it?

Well, fans of PUBG have voted with their feet – metaphorically speaking – and racked up a peak concurrent user count of a little over 2.7 million on Christmas day. Yes, Christmas day. And lets not forget, that’s only the Steam figures; it doesn’t include the number of people who got a copy of PUBG for the Xbox One in their stocking on Christmas morning.

All together now:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Bluehole gave to me:

12 runners running;
11 snipers sniping;
10 horns a-beeping;
9 panicked dancing;
8 wrecked motorbikes;
7 sneaky swimmers;
6 Ghillies laying;
4 Kark rifles;
3 air drops;
2 in the tub;
And a chicken dinner (not a turkey).

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