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The Razer Blade Stealth isn’t big, but it is clever. Now it’s getting even better, and you’ll be able to get reasonable gaming performance without the Razer Core dock.

The Razer Blade is – along with a select few competitors, like the Dell XPS 13 – one of the finest ultrabooks money can buy. Sure, it costs a lot of money, but it is attractive, well-built, supremely portable, and fits in a lot of top hardware.

One thing it was always missing out on, however – particularly criminal for a laptop from the Razer stable – was a dedicated graphics card. You could play some games on the integrated Intel graphics, but unless you paired the Blade Stealth up to a Razer Core GPU dock and a decent graphics card? It rendered the Blade Stealth a little underpowered on the move.

Now the 2019 refresh of the Razer Blade Stealth is upon us, and finally, it’s getting a discrete GPU.

Don’t get too excited – it’s only an Nvidia GeForce MX150 – but that’s better than nothing.

To be fair to the little MX150, the mobile equivalent of Nvidia’s GT 1030, it’s a surprisingly capable little card. I’ve got one inside my Acer ultraportable – so that I can still play games while travelling – and honestly? I love it. Yes, you will probably have to crank the resolution or the details down, but I’ve found very few games that this little laptop is unable to handle. It eats esports titles like FortniteCS:GO, Overwatch, and Rocket League for breakfast.

And this is only the 2GB variant. The Razer Blade Stealth comes with an optional 4GB MX150 card, which should be even better.

It’s not the only improvement to the new Blade Stealth. The ultraportable now comes with a quad-core, 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8565U processor, while the models equipped with an MX150 also come with 16GB of system RAM.

The Blade Stealth is still svelte, too. The stock model – with a 1080p screen but no discrete GPU – tips the scales at 1.28kg; that raises to 1.31kg with the MX150; with a further raise to 1.38kg for the top end model, kitted out with both MX150 graphics and a 4K touch display.

The new Razer Blade Stealth is available to order now from the Razer Store in the US, with UK and European availability to follow in the new year.

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