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At CES 2017, an event filled with bizarre gadgetry, Razer have managed to produce the craziest product by far.

A laptop. With three screens. Called ‘Valerie’ for some reason.

I quite like receiving press releases from the guys at Razer. Where everyone else is trying their best to sell you on why their game is worth your time – and to be honest, the buzzwords are killing me by the end of a long week – a hardware email is usually tinged with more excitement. Everybody loves a gadget and Razer do make some bloody lovely gadgets. It’s like the best Generation Game conveyor belt ever, complete with lovely industrial design and chromatic LED lighting.

Their latest one has caught me off guard, though. The newly announced Razer triple screen laptop, codenamed ‘Project Valerie’, is like some sort of fever dream design, that someone was never actually supposed to make.

Basically it’s a 17″ Razer Blade Pro, with a pop-up-book-meets-convertible-car-style triple monitor system that unfurls with an automatic mechanism when you pop open the cover, something Razer are referring to as their ‘Automated Deployment System’. It just sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

The three displays in the Razer triple screen laptop are all 4K IPS panels, which when combined offer a whopping 12K resolution. While that sounds amazing, it’s going to draw more power reducing the system’s battery life, while the onboard graphics cards – which will likely be an Nvidia GTX 1080 – are going to be worked damn hard to push that many pixels. It also pushes the thickness of the device up to over 1.5 inches (getting on for 4cm) and is going to make it into a seriously heavy device, by Razer’s own design standards.

That being said, it’s certainly a head-turner, and all that screen real estate is going to be great for productivity playing the latest games in immersive “surround vision”. There’s no word on a release date or pricing for the Razer triple screen laptop, but you can rest assured it will be crushingly expensive.

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