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The newly-announced Razer Wolverine controller has a lot of buttons

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Need a new Weapon (X) for your PC or Xbox One gaming? Check out the newly-announced Razer Wolverine.

One D-pad. Two analogue sticks. Four face buttons. Two triggers, two bumpers, and maybe something in the middle to access menus.

That’s how video game controllers work. It’s one of the immutable laws of games hardware design. (You know, unless you’re Nintendo, which means you do some bat-shit crazy things.)

And now Razer, the triple-green–snaked peripheral maker, has come along with a controller that has all that stuff you’re used to, plus six extra buttons: the Razer Wolverine.

I know, right? Where the hell are they fitting them all? (Polite answers only, please!)

Razer Wolverine extra buttons

Right, OK, so that clears that up; it’s two extra bumpers on the top of the controller, and four extra triggers on the rear of the unit. They’re all re-mappable, so you can do with them as you please, depending on what your needs are for six extraneous buttons.

Here are the rest of the features of the Razer Wolverine, in no particular order:

  • Re-mappable 2 Multi-Function Buttons & 4 Triggers
  • Razer Chroma lighting with full 16.8 million color options
  • Interchangeable D-Pad – Choice between Individual and Tilting Designs
  • Interchangeable Thumbsticks
  • Hair-Trigger Mode with Trigger-Stop for rapid-fire
  • Quick Control Panel
  • Tactile Switch Action Buttons
  • Ergonomic Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • Razer Synapse for Xbox app
  • Razer Chroma SDK enabled
  • Play Anywhere – Play on Xbox One or PC
  • 3.5 mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input
  • Carrying case
  • Detachable 3 m / 10 ft lightweight braided fiber cable with Micro-USB connector
  • Approximate size: 106 mm / 4.17 in (Length) x 156 mm / 6.14 in (Width) x 66 mm / 2.60 in (Height)
  • Approximate weight (without cable): 260 g / 0.57 lbs

They’re claiming the Wolverine is the most out-of-the-box customisable controller ever, and it’s also compatible with both Xbox One and PC.

It’s also got RGB lighting because, well, it’s a gaming peripheral, and will be launching from Razer’s online store in September 2017, with a global retailer release to follow soon after. It’ll cost you $159.99 US, or around €179.99.

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