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XIII: It’s the story of Jason Bourne, with the visual feel of Borderlands. Jason Bournederlands? No, that’s stupid.

We seem to be in a bit of a perfect storm for remakes and remasters at the moment. Almost every genre, style and era is currently being bundled up and redone in a modern fashion. There’s Shadow of the Colossus and Wonderboy, Assassin’s Creed and Burnout, Dark Souls and Shenmue – hell, even Turok, the brownest game in the world, has been given a fresh run out.

So why shouldn’t XIII, the cult first-person shooter from 2003 based on the comic of the same name, get a remaster?

French developer Microids certainly feels that way, because they’re bringing a remake of XIII to modern consoles.

It’s only a short teaser, so what do we know about the XIII remake so far?

  • The XIII remake is currently slated for November 13, 2019. That’s pretty soon!
  • It’s going to be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch – so that’s a nice bonus.
  • It’s going to be just as stylish as it ever was – the striking, cel-shaded 3D visuals were always one of XIII’s strongest points. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • It’s going to follow the story of the original game – that itself follows the original comic somewhat – in which assassin ‘Thirteen’ is shot in the head, loses his memory, washes up out of the ocean, and has to patch it all together from just a barcode and a key. (Yes, it does sound a lot like Jason Bourne. But ‘Thirteen’ also has to clear his name and prove that he didn’t shoot the President. Matt Damon never had to deal with that.)

Whether it’s still going to feature David Duchovny, doing the world’s most disinterested voice performance? That remains to be seen (but we do hope so).

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