Humble Frontier Developments sale April 2019
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Save on Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and more Frontier Developments games

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The Humble Frontier Developments sale is now on.

Frontier Developments, David Braben’s legendary studio, specialises in games with a lot of depth. Whether that’s exploring the galaxy in Elite Dangerous or building dangerous theme parks – Jurassic or regular – Frontier’s games always mix strategy and stickiness for a perfect storm of time-sinking.

Right now, over on the Humble Store, you can pick up some big savings on games from Frontier Developments.

There is, of course, Elite Dangerous. It would be a funny kind of Frontier Developments sale without the game series the studio is most famous for. You’ll find 55% off the base game, the Commander Deluxe edition, and the season pass. If you only need to pick up some of the DLC to complete your collection, that’s all available individually with 35% off.

Then there are the theme parks. Jurassic World Evolution is 55% off, with 50% off the deluxe edition, and 15% off the individual bits of DLC. You’ll also save 55% on Planet Coaster, with 15% off all its DLC too – and there’s a lot of DLC in this instance, too.

Oh, and also, Lostwinds and Lostwinds 2. That’s in there, too.

The Humble Frontier Developments sale is on right now, and runs through until Friday, April 12th, at 10am Pacific (or 6pm BST). As ever with the Humble store, all purchases made will raise money for good causes.

We may receive a small commission for purchases made from online stores.

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