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Save up to a massive 90% in the Humble tabletop sale

Like tabletop games, but would rather play them on your PC? Then you’re going to want to check out the Humble tabletop sale.



Humble tabletop sale

Like tabletop games, but would rather play them on your PC? Then you’re going to want to check out the Humble tabletop sale.

Tabletop games are great, but they can sometimes be a bit of an investment in time. Also, you need a bit of space to play them. And often, other people.

We’re not saying that computerising everything is the answer, but there’s certainly convenience benefits to video game versions of tabletop games. You don’t have to unpack and repack a box full of bits, for one thing. You don’t risk losing dice with any errant rolls, either.


If you’re a fan of the genre, then Humble – purveyors of fine charity bundles – have just the deal for you; the Humble tabletop sale.

Armello is included for starters, which – if you’re into tabletop games – probably tells you all you need to know. You can save 50% on League of Geeks’ epic adventure.

Tharsis is a fiendish turn-based strategy game (“With Dice. And Cannibalism.”) and you can also save a decent 50% off its regular price.

The Hive, meanwhile, is 75% off. For a game that only costs seven quid to begin with, that’s an absolute steal. The Witcher Adventure Game, a strategy curio developed by Can Explode in conjunction with main series developer/publisher CD Projekt Red, is also an impressive 75% off.

Elsewhere, there are decent savings on Blood Bowl II and Ticket to Ride, along with all manner of DLC and expansions – also on sale – for both games.


The title might be a bit on the nose, but Tabletop Simulator is also 50% off. It’s a game that allows you to muck around with all manner of tabletop games, and you can actually use it to make up and prototype your own tabletop games, if you’re feeling that way inclined.

The Humble tabletop sale is live right now and will run through until 10am PT (6pm BST) on Monday, October 22. As ever, all purchases made from Humble’s store – through bundles, sales, or just the store in general – will earn money for important charities.

We may receive a small commission for purchases made from online stores.

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