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Want to be scared, but don’t want to pay too much for the privilege? You’ll want to check out the Steam Halloween sale before it ends.

There was a time in all our lives when Halloween meant trick or treating. It’s a strange covenant. You dress up in scary garb and threaten to do unpleasant things to your neighbours if they don’t give you sweets. Do that when you’re nine years old and it’s cute; do it when you’re 19 and they’ll call the police.

Then you get a bit older, perhaps you’re a student, and Halloween means parties. You get dressed up – perhaps in a sluttier version of a costume you wore as a child – then get drunk on jelly shots and cop off under a pile of coats.

Then you get a bit older still, and all hallows eve becomes a night in. You have to hand out candy to the neighbourhood kids, for one thing. Plus you’ve got work in the morning, so you don’t want to go to one of those awful, debauched parties. So you stay in, looking for scares at home.

That’s where the Steam Halloween sale comes in. You can pick up the great and the good – but more importantly, the bloody horrible and horribly bloody – for significantly reduced prices.

Here are our picks:

  • Inside – 55% off
  • Limbo – 80% off
  • Alien: Isolation – 75% off
  • Prey (2017) – 50% off
  • Resident Evil VII biohazard – 35% off
  • Detention – 60% off
  • Metro Redux – 75% off
  • The Evil Within – 50% off
  • Sunless Sea – 66% off
  • Strange Brigade – 33% off
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition – 70% off
  • SOMA – 80% off

And also Night in the Woods, which isn’t particularly scary, but it is wonderful – and an absolute fricking steal at 40% off.

The Steam Halloween sale closes tomorrow, on November 1, 2018. There’s also a Humble Halloween sale on the go at the moment, which features many of the same games (but you also raise money for charity).

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