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We’ve been worrying a little about Sean Murray’s mental state of late, to be honest.

After spending three years locked in mortal combat with Rupert ‘Voldemort’ Murdoch’s team of legal winged monkeys, over whether anyone in the entire world should be allowed to use the word ‘Sky’ when naming things – we’re all going to have to refer to it as the big blue outside ceiling if Murdoch gets his way – and the inevitable crunch that accompanied announcements of the game’s delay, things have been getting a little weird.

First, there were some very relatable IT problems:

Then there were some more fundamental facilities issues:

And then some more IT issues, followed by some proper Heath Robinson problem solving:

Then crunch hit hard:

And then, well, this:

…became this:

…became this:

And we were started to get worried. We pictured him walking around Guildford town centre, wearing hollowed-out bread rolls as moccasins, shouting at the pigeons about the vagaries of procedural generation, and in a calmer moment of reflection, sobbing quietly to himself about profiteroles.

Burnout is a real problem, particularly when you’re attempting something as ludicrously ambitious as Murray and the No Man’s Sky team, and it seemed like he might finally have snapped. And then, mercifully, he posted one final tweet:

Which is great news! No Man’s Sky has finally gone gold, which means it’s gone off for production and will be making its August 10 release date. Well done, Sean Murray, and well done to the team over at Hello Games.

Header image: NASA

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