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Save up to 80% in the Steam Alien franchise sale. (Yes, it says “franchise” and it’s really only Alien: Isolation that anyone cares about, but that’s OK.)

Sometimes, we write about a franchise sale and there are too many games to choose from. Something like Assassin’s Creed or Final Fantasy, for instance, have lots of games to choose from.

The Alien franchise sale, which is live right now on Steam, has three games to choose from. And, let’s be honest, you only want to play one of them. But the one you do want to play? It’s a properly great one.

That would be Alien: Isolation, the claustrophobic horror featuring Ellen Ripley’s daughter and everyone’s favourite xenomorph. You can save 75% on Alien: Isolation and all of its DLC, and if you buy it as part of the overall Alien franchise bundle, it’s a total of 80% off.

But you probably don’t want the other games in the bundle, Alien VS Predator or Aliens: Colonial Marines. Not even for 80% off.

Alien: Isolation, though? That’s great!

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