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Promising early access skateboarding game, Session, targets fall

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The video game equivalent of our favourite Twitter punchline, “You really are Tony Hawk?”

It’s not quite Tony Hawk. But, Session, a new skateboarding sim from Crea-ture Studios, may be the next best thing. And it’s arriving on PC and Xbox One later this year. Crea-ture has dropped a new gameplay trailer, highlighting Session’s skateboarding action, which maps each of the avatar’s feet to a thumbstick.

The trailer also contained an announcement of Session’s release date. Fans can expect to take to the halfpipe on Steam Early Access on September 17, with Xbox Game Preview following in October. Game Informer reports that Crea-ture is planning a full release for Session sometime in 2020.

Game Informer also reported that Session would add a variety of features throughout its Early Access period. For example, landing tricks from great heights is visually impressive now, but will eventually require more active participation from the player. Crea-Ture will also introduce a progression system and additional tricks to Session over time.

It may not be the return of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Skate that fans are hungry for. But, Session looks to be an exciting entry in a sparsely populated genre, nonetheless.

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