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It’s been rumoured for a while, but now it’s confirmed: (former) PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC.

It’s a sadly familiar pattern of events. Kotaku’s Jason Scheier reveals some interesting news about a video game. Then, hordes of internet morons give him abuse for some reason. He’s called all sorts of unpleasant names and is accused of being a liar, an agitator, or both.

Then the thing that Jason predicted comes to pass. And do you know what? All those people, who gave him abuse for no reason at all – they don’t rush forward to apologise when he’s proven right. (They never do.)

In the latest variant, pertaining to Horizon Zero Dawn, the salient details are as follows:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2017
  • In the intervening period, lots of people bought and enjoyed the game on PS4
  • Sony (and Guerrilla, the developer) presumably wanted to make more money
  • (If they make more money, it will allow them to make more video games)
  • Jason Scheier suggested that Horizon Zero Dawn would be coming to PC
  • PlayStation fanboys got very upset with him, because of reasons only they can explain
  • (They can’t explain the reasons. There’s no reason to gatekeep. Ever. Grow up.)
  • Sony today announces that Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to PC this summer

Specifically, the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release will be the game’s Complete Edition. That includes the base game, the excellent Frozen Wilds expansion, and also a bunch of other stuff that isn’t really important.

The game already has a Steam store page, too. We don’t have a release date for it, yet, but the Horizon Zero Dawn PC version will release in Summer 2020.

(Do yourself a favour – don’t read the replies on that Tweet. Or replies to Jason, as a rule.)

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