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Get ready for more free suits in Spider-Man PS4, to celebrate the cinematic release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Insomniac has been extremely generous with all of the free suits for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Let’s face it: if they weren’t giving them away for free, you know we’d all be buying them in droves. With actual money. Like damn fools.

But as it goes, they’ve been giving them away for free. Here’s a big list of every suit in Spider-Man PS4, if you were wondering.

Now we’ve got two more suits to add to the list, as a couple of new suits from Spider-Man: Far From Home – fresh out in the cinema – have made the trip to Spider-Man PS4. And as ever, they’re absolutely free of charge.

First is just the standard issue MCU Spider-Man suit from the new movie, with a little bit of Insomniac flair – that white spider – on the back. The official name is the Upgraded Suit, but that’s a bit vague, so we’ll also refer to it as the Far From Home suit on our list.

The second suit is the Stealth Suit which actually a lot cooler in Spider-Man PS4 than it does in the trailers we’ve seen for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Though to be fair, the amazing photography from Twitter user @PeteyReilly is doing a lot of the heavy lifting here.

Enjoy these suits, guys. We don’t have an inside look into Insomniac’s production schedule, but we have a sneaking feeling that there aren’t many – if any – suits left to unveil for Spider-Man PS4.

Good game, Insomniac. Good game.

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