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Paradox’s unerring drive to chuck as much content as possible at Stellaris continues with the Humanoid Species Pack.

Here’s a funny thing about science fiction: lots most almost all aliens are still a bit human-looking. Human-ish. Humanoid, if you will.

There’s a certain amount of arrogance at work, but it’s more likely borne out of the limitations of science fiction film and television in the early days. We think it was the great Gene Roddenberry who said: “We need a bunch of aliens, but we need human actors to play them – quick, grab those… pointy ears and… slap a rack of ribs on that Klingon’s forehead!”

See also: “Grab the tin foil and on-ear headphones, we need to make these men more… cyber.”

Anyway, back to the news.

Paradox have just announced the Stellaris Humanoid Species Pack. As the name suggests, it adds a bunch of cosmetic humanoid things – not all of them entirely human – to the core game.

Specifically, the Stellaris Humanoid pack will include:

  • 10 new portraits (of humanoids, obviously)
  • New ship models (“inspired by the classics of Western science fiction”)
  • Three new voiceover sets (for digital advisor VIR)
  • Three remixed tracks (to add to the Stellaris soundtrack

The Stellaris Humanoid Species Pack will launch on Windows, Mac and Linux simultaneously on December 7th, 2017, and is expected to cost around US $7.99 (around a tenner).

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