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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin hair and fur models have “been revised to improve performance”.

Remember the performance issues with Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin? You know, the ones that were causing chaos with frame rates that fans tracked down to the luscious hair on main characters?

(And then enterprising modders put a workaround in place that gave everyone a buzz cut, like a Final Fantasy game starring Grant and Phil Mitchell? When a story’s that strange, you can’t make it up.)

Kind of like Icarus, flying too close to the sun, but instead of wings, it’s overly-detailed hair. And instead of the sun, it’s angry nerds with metaphorical hair clippers who really don’t like low frame rates.

It’s not like Square Enix doesn’t have form in this area. Just look at the gulf in character model quality between player characters/important NPCs and the general NPC population in Final Fantasy VII Remake or Final Fantasy XV. And, usually, it’s the hair that’s the dead giveaway.

Back to Stranger of Paradise, specifically, and an update has just been released for the game that fixes the game’s folic challenges. As per the patch notes for version 1.04:

“Models for hair and fur associated with important characters have been revised to improve performance.”

Presumably this issue will help players on all platforms, as only PC players could make use of the baldness modding tools. We kinda with they’d officially implemented a baldness toggle or amount-of-hair slider in the game’s options, but a fix is a fix.

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