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Don’t forget: Subnautica is free right now on the new Epic Store

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You’ve only got a few days left to download Subnautica for free, and for keeps, from the new Epic Store.

When Epic launched its store, its developer share was an easy sell. Developers are always going to prefer making more money. The more difficult task is persuading players to abandon the convenience of Steam – and its, frankly, a bit mean 70:30 revenue split – for a new platform.

Millions of Fortnite players is a start, but most of them are only using the Epic launcher for a free game. They haven’t bought any actual games through the Epic Store.

Getting exclusives onto the Epic Store is one way to attract players. Yes, it’s going to potentially lead to some console war-like arguments between fans of Valve and Epic, but maybe the market needs a shake-up.

An even better way to attract players is to give them free stuff. And with that in mind, Subnautica – the brilliant, underwater exploration game that isn’t Abzu – is absolutely free on the Epic Store.

You can download Subnautica for free, and keep it forever, but it’s a limited time offer. You’ll need to download it by Christmas Day, December 25, by which time it will go back up to full price.

The good news is? When Subnautica’s no longer free, it’ll be replaced by another free game. And then in another two weeks? That’ll be replaced by another free game. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Epic is going all out to win hearts and minds.

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