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Sunlight is a short narrative adventure set in a stunning forest

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Sunlight is a narrative stroll that’s just 40 minutes long, you say? Where do we sign up?

There was a weird notion, as 2020 approached its 57th month, that when the year from hell ended, things would suddenly be better. That 2021 would be the light at the end of a very dark, unpleasant tunnel.

Then, six days into 2021, the current President of the United States incited an insurrection against his own government and a militia stormed the Capitol with… I mean, the intent was horrifying, wasn’t it? 2021 very quickly proved it is not better than 2020 just by dint of it being a new year.

Video games don’t seem important in the wake of COVID-19 and insurrection and, if you’re not feeling up to it, that’s fine. But if you’re looking for a distraction, something to take your mind off doomscrolling and into different worlds, then they’re a solid option.

And Sunlight, the latest game from Krillbite, developer of Among the Sleep and Mosaic, looks like it might be just the ticket.

Set in a beautiful, expressionist forest inspired by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, Sunlight is a narrative walk in the park that should take you around 40 minutes to complete. In it you’ll stroll through the hand-painted forest – hand-painted by the Krillbite team in VR, that is – collecting flowers and listening to the game’s story, delivered from the trees themselves.


“We’ve been quietly working away on Sunlight as a pet project for a little while,” said Adrian Tingstad Husby, game designer at Krillbite Studio. “We wanted to make a short and succinct game, that players would not have to fear ploughing many hours into, and we feel that Sunlight will provide that perfect bite-sized experience for those looking for something a bit different.”

Interestingly, Sunlight is also an indirect sequel to 2013’s The Plan and, given everything that’s going on right now, looks like it might be just the ticket. It will be available on Steam on January 14, 2021.

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