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You can now upload twice as many Super Mario Maker 2 courses.

When Super Mario Maker 2 released, you could only upload 32 courses at any one time. That’s not to say that you couldn’t create more courses, but to upload them to the outside world, you’d need to remove some from your public-facing catalogue if you hit that upload limit.

Quite why so many of you are using Mario Maker 2 to do unspeakably sadistic things to one another is a different issue entirely, but now you’ll be able to be twice as sadistic: the Super Mario Maker 2 course upload limit has been raised from 32 to 64 courses.

Nintendo announced the news via its Twitter account, with the promise of an additional uplift in the Super Mario Maker 2 course upload limit in the future.

Oh, and there’s also a special course featuring Super Ball Mario. (That’s less weird than it sounds.) It’s a combination of Mario’s fire flower power-up and the bouncing ball action of arcade classic Breakout. It’s unclear whether this means you can create levels with Super Ball Mario, but you’ll find him playable in Nintendo’s course at 24Y-BMK-5JG.

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