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Team Fortress 2’s Jungle Inferno update marks its 10th anniversary

And as is always the way with Team Fortress 2, the Jungle Inferno update is accompanied by a brilliant animated short.



Team Fortress 2 Jungle Inferno

And as is always the way with Team Fortress 2, the Jungle Inferno update is accompanied by a brilliant animated short.

It’s been 10 years.

10 years since the Orange Box launched. 10 years since Portal. 10 years since Half-Life 2: Episode 2.


Oh, and what was the other scrappy little game that found itself bundled into the Orange Box? That would be Team Fortress 2, a game that – even a decade later – has a user base over 40 million, and a concurrent user count consistently over 50,000 (according to Steam Spy).

It’s not PUBG levels, sure, but it’s easy to see why Team Fortress 2 remains relentlessly popular.

For starters, it’s easy to pick up and play. The fact it’s free helps, but players get an instant understanding of the classes and play styles required, and the balanced game modes it offers.

It’s also got the same sort of appeal as a game like Overwatch, balancing bold design and distinct visuals with just the right amount of collectibles, themed events, and hats. [So. Many. Hats. – Millinery Ed.]

And then there are the videos, the Source Engine shorts that capture the spirit of fun and the character of the game. Again, it’s a bit like Overwatch’s relentless onslaught of lore, but with a typically Valve-esque, “Hold your horses, you’ll get the next one when we get around to it” approach to timekeeping.

The latest update, Jungle Inferno,  brings a raft of new content to Team Fortress 2. The first is a new map – Mercenary Park, as seen in the introductory video above – that has been developed in-house by Valve, along with five other community-made maps with similar jungle themes.


There are also some new emotes, a bunch of new campaign contracts and accompanying rewards, and some new kit for Pyro that includes an actual jetpack.

Oh, and we almost forgot: there will be more hats. [Don’t you dare forget the f**king hats – Millinery Ed.]

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