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Naughty Dog’s epic tale has become the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive ever.

To call The Last of Us Part II “anticipated” would be something of an understatement. But there’s always some degree of doubt as to just how well something will sell, particularly when it has attracted the ire of some of the grubbier parts of video game fandom.

It was cheering, then, to see The Last of Us Part II top the sales chart in its first week. But we didn’t realise just how unequivocally the game got there until now.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Sony has confirmed that The Last of Us Part II has sold over 4 million copies through to June 21, just three days after the game released. (It’s worth keeping in mind that pre-orders will have counted as “day one” sales, so the game didn’t literally shift four million units in a weekend, but still, it’s a remarkable feat.)

That now officially makes The Last of Us Part II the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive ever, surpassing God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, all of the Uncharted games, Bloodborne and, of course, the original The Last of Us.

Neil Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog and director of The Last of Us Part II said:

“We are so immensely grateful to the millions of fans around the world that have played The Last of Us Part II and shared their experiences with us over the last week. We set out to tell a new kind of story, one that deals with difficult themes and would challenge you in unexpected ways. Hearing how the experience has resonated with so many of you and witnessing the type of thoughtful discussions it has sparked has been so incredible. We’ve also been so inspired by your creativity – whether it’s your gorgeous Photo Mode shots, jaw-dropping gameplay GIFs, or the songs you’ve recorded using Ellie’s guitar.

The Last of Us Part II was made possible thanks to the efforts of the hundreds of talented and passionate developers here at Naughty Dog. We can imagine no greater honour than seeing that same passion mirrored by the people playing it. Thank you for helping us reach this amazing milestone.”

It is, as we expected all along, a minority who took issue with The Last of Us Part II and its openly gay, female protagonist.

But it’s always nice to see a rebuttal of the “get woke, go broke” mantra. It’s even more pleasing to see one that is so emphatic and empirical.

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