The Last of Us Part II story trailer
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Watch The Last of Us Part II’s story trailer (on a website without a comments section)

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to watch the latest trailer for The Last of Us Part II without internet agitators filling the comments with spoilers?

Apropos of nothing in particular, we’ve recently been thinking of how much nicer Thumbsticks is since we turned off the comments section.

It was a decision we went round in circles on for a long time. The comments were generally awful and moderating them was soul-crushing, but every now and then, you’d get something nice! And traditional wisdom says they’re a way to drive reader engagement! Cutting the cord became very difficult, even though the whole team hated them.

Then one day, we ripped the plaster off and killed the comments section. Our moderation queue stopped filling up with a dirty mix of spam and vitriol, and we breathed a sigh of relief; then we waited for the inevitable drop in engagement, the hit to traffic stats that the elders of the internet foretold. But here’s the thing: nothing bad happened. The website was instantly much nicer, and not a single thing was lost in the process.

Honestly, every website should turn their comments off. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made. But until everyone else gets with the programme, Thumbsticks dot com will exist as a little haven in the internet storm, where you won’t find, say, people posting spoilers or abuse aimed at developers.

So without further ado, here’s The Last of Us Part II’s story trailer, presented on a website without a comments section.

Whatever you do, do not click on the link to the embedded YouTube video. If there was a way to prevent you clicking on it by mistake, we would. Only bad things await you in the YouTube comments. That’s advice for the ages, of course, but it’s even more true now on gaming content, and particularly, gaming content related to The Last of Us Part II.

But if you stay with us on Thumbsticks and watch the video on this article? You’ll be safe. We’ve got your back, friends.

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