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The Quiet Man launches in November, can be ‘completed in one sitting’

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The Quiet Man can be “completed in one sitting” – it’s like music to our ears.

The Quiet Man is one of the more interesting games unveiled during this year’s E3 event. The game blends live-action footage with hyper-realistic CGI – hello, Quantum Break – and features a deaf protagonist. But other than those two details, and the fact it included some streetfighting, we knew very little about The Quiet Man. Well, until now.

First up, there’s the release date: The Quiet Man launches for PS4 and PC on November 1, 2018. That’s a little over eight weeks away, folks.

Second, there’s a story trailer which expands on the world of The Quiet Man somewhat:

So, the protagonist appears to be profoundly deaf, but that hasn’t stopped him striking up a relationship with a nightclub pianist. He enjoys the vibrations of her music. Then a Phantom of the Opera antagonist in a plague doctor’s mask and hood – who is, for some reason, supported by a Grove Street-esque gang – kidnaps the quiet man’s ladyfriend. In what looks to be a combination of Heavy Rain detective work and Yakuza brawling, the quiet man will struggle to uncover the mysterious stranger and rescue the girl.

Yes, it does look a bit like Quantum Break, but The Quiet Man looks to have two advantages: the gap between its CGI and live action doesn’t look to be as jarring, and it sounds like it’s going to be mercifully short. According to the press release the game “can be completed in one sitting” which, compared to the half-hour TV episodes – featuring none of the main cast, but looking dramatically less uncanny valley! – of Quantum Break sounds like a blessed relief.

But we love the idea, and we’re all for developers taking experimental risks in transmedia storytelling; it’s just so easy for games to outstay their welcome. To hear that The Quiet Man is closer in length to the likes of Firewatch and Oxenfree than any of David Cage’s choose-your-own-screeds – and costs a mere $14.99 US, UK/EU pricing to be confirmed – is a massive relief. We’re officially looking forward to this one, now.

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