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Thought Chatroulette was just for showing your junk to strangers? Think again!

The idea of shooting a real-life FPS and posting the video on YouTube isn’t entirely new. There are some great examples out there, and one of the masters of the real-life video game shorts – Freddie Wong – has a cracking example of the most realistic graphics in first-person shooter you’ll ever see. Because it’s actually real-life FPS action shot on head-mounted GoPro cameras, overlaid with multi-player-esque graphical overlays.

They’re entertaining to watch and an interesting spectacle, but they’re not altogether very interactive – until now.

Realm Pictures, a UK-based visual FX and narrative film production company, have put together an interactive real-life FPS that, for a few glorious hours, was controlled by unsuspecting strangers on online services like Chatroulette* and Omegle.

The action picks up with a space-marine type character locked in a small room, trying to figure out how to get out. There’s a crowbar leaning against the wall – standard – and a key down on the floor next to a dead body… oh my God it’s moving! It’s a zombie! Hit it! Hit it with the crowbar! Kill it dude! Double-tap!

We then get treated to a short film, spliced together from the attempts of a number of online players – some who understood the real-life FPS concept really well and got to the end, and others who seemed a bit bewildered by it all – taking on the zombie-infested church yard real-life FPS challenge.

We won’t spoil it for you by giving it all away, but Realm’s real-life FPS includes weapon upgrades, turret placements, a massively-oversized boss battle and even a quick-time event – enjoy!

Wasn’t that awesome? There’s also a behind-the-scenes film, if you prefer to peek behind the curtain at how the real-life FPS was made.

*They all seemed a little confused as to what was going on at first, but they were probably just surprised it wasn’t someone with their wang out.

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