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Going for gold.

The “gold” disc, in video game terms, doesn’t refer to a sales record like in the music industry. (PlayStation used to have something similar to the music industry’s gold and platinum records, the “platinum” range, for games that had sold over 400,000 copies worldwide.)

In video game terms, a title “going gold” refers to a stage in the development process. A game has “gone gold” when the build that’s used for the boxed, retail version has been finalised. That doesn’t mean development on the game has finished – hello, enormous day one patches – but it should (hopefully) mean the game is content-complete, and everything left to do constitutes tweaks, fixes, and optimisation.

We’re approaching an unusually early autumn blockbuster period this year. You could almost argue that, as releases have been brought forward to try and avoid the inevitable crush of AAA titles, it’s a blockbuster late summer. But in any case, as we approach that release window, big-name video games are all going gold around the same time.

First to break cover was Remedy’s Control, which releases later this month, on August 27, 2019:

Remedy’s supernatural action-adventure, Control, looks like it’s going to be something else. Yes, we’re all very sad that we’re not getting Alan Wake 2, but if Control is as good as initial impressions would indicate – and its mixed-media approach isn’t as overworked and finicky as Quantum Break’s – then we’re all going to be very happy indeed in a few weeks.

Then followed Borderlands 3, which releases on 13 September 2019:

Which was followed up by an unusually tame tweet from Gearbox head honcho Randy Pitchford, explaining the significance:

Borderlands 3 is looking and playing great, but also, it was one of the least memorable things we played at E3 2019. Perhaps it’s because it was exactly what we expected from a Borderlands sequel, or perhaps it was because the game’s killer feature – playing it in co-op with your friends and family – was disabled on the show floor. Either way, it’s still going to be a huge, silly, shooty barrel of nonsense, and we’re very here for that.

And speaking of games that are better with another, Gears 5 – which releases on September 10, 2019, but Xbox Ultimate Game Pass players can get it four days earlier – went gold just a couple of days ago:

It’s always nice to accompany the “gone gold” shot with a photo of the assembled studio, but when you’re the size of the Coalition? It becomes logistically more difficult to fit everyone on. Still, it shows a lack of ego among Rod Fergusson and the studio heads that is refreshing, and heaps praise exactly where it is deserved: the hardworking people who make video games.

We are, of course, very excited that Control, Borderlands 3, and Gears 5 have gone gold. We just would’ve liked it if they’d spread the releases out a little bit more. September is going to be a busy month.

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