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Two Fantastic Four-themed suits added to Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4

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Patch 1.14 brings two new suits to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In a crossover between Spidey and the Fantastic Four, in Amazing Spider-Man #258, Peter Parker needs to borrow an old suit from Mr Fantastic. Problem is, Reed Richards isn’t exactly shy about showing off his face, while Parker prefers to keep his identity a secret.

The solution? He wears a paper bag on his head.

No, really. He actually does.

Spider-Man bag on head

Now that suit has shown up in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4, alongside Spidey’s Future Foundation suit, first seen in Future Foundation #1.

What’s the Future Foundation, I hear you ask? It’s an alliterative followup to the fabulous Fantastic Four, with Spidey joining the team in place of the Human Torch.

Marvel's Spider-Man Future Foundation suit

The suit is made of something called “unstable molecules” – yeah, it’s not real science – which allows Spider-Man to change the suit’s shape and colour at will. That means he can effectively go from street garb to classic blue and red suit in a moment. As in the comic book, though, we’re expecting Marvel’s Spider-Man to keep it in the crisp, classic white design.

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