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Epic doubles down on the free games with two great titles from 11 Bit Studios.

Epic, developer and publisher of Fortnite, is using some of that massive cosmetic war chest to buy itself a seat at the digital storefront table. That means offering better revenue shares to developers than rival storefront, Steam, but also buying exclusive rights to PC games and giving away games for free.

To further accelerate its acquisition of users, Epic looks to be doubling the number of free games available from the Epic Games Store every week or two.

The first games to benefit from this double bubble are This War of Mine and Moonlighter, from indie developer and publisher 11 Bit Studios. (11 Bit Studios both developed and published This War of Mine, in conjunction with War Child, while Moonlighter was developed by indie developer Digital Sun.)

Both these games are available for free right now. This War of Mine usually costs £14.99, while Moonlighter sells for £15.49. That’s a total saving of £30.97. All you need do is download the Epic Games Store launcher (if you don’t have it already) and “purchase” the games. This two-for-none deal does highlight one of the missing features on the Epic Games Store – this feature is yet to be added to Epic’s storefront – but clicking twice to get two fantastic games for free is little more than a minor inconvenience.

Don’t delay, though. Both these games are only free until August 2, 2019. After that date, they’ll be replaced by Remedy’s Alan Wake and Ubisoft’s For Honor. Looks like the two-for-none offering might become a regular feature.

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