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Ubisoft adds Shovel Knight content to For Honor for some reason

Ubisoft celebrates For Honor’s fourth anniversary by adding… Shovel Knight content to the game for a limited time?



Shovel Knight For Honor
Ubisoft / Yacht Club Games

Ubisoft celebrates For Honor’s fourth anniversary by adding… Shovel Knight content to the game for a limited time?

We haven’t done the research, but there can’t be many video game characters that have featured in more guest spots and crossovers than Shovel Knight. That game is beloved and its hero is everywhere. Not bad for an indie game that asked for just $75k on Kickstarter in 2014, before eventually being backed for a princely $300k.

Today’s crossover announcement is a bit of a weird one, though: Shovel Knight content is coming to Ubisoft’s For Honor for the next few weeks.


Specifically, the press release says:

“… For Honor introduces an in-game crossover with Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight, available now for all players. Players can dig into Shovel Knight-themed content including a Shovel Drop Emote and 3 Illustrious Outfits, each featuring Ornaments, Mood Effects, Symbols, and more. The Emote will be available for 10,000 Steel, and the Outfits will be available for 15,000 to 20,000 Steel each; all items can be purchased via the in-game store from now until 4th March.”

Why? Because it’s For Honor’s fourth birthday, of course. Why else would you add Shovel Knight to your open-world medieval combat RPG? That makes perfect sense. (It does to someone, we’re sure. They probably work in marketing. Or licensing. Still, we won’t complain about more Shovel Knight.)

There will obviously be more new content coming to For Honor in honour of its birthday, but we don’t know what that is yet. For Honor Year 5, Season 1 kicks off on March 11, 2021, so expect Ubisoft to reveal more information about it in the intervening period.


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