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Call us suspicious, but we think the “sock puppets” on the Untitled Goose Shop might actually be socks.

Untitled Goose Game, the video game about a mischievous goose, features a quaint shop on a little village high street as one of its environs.

The shop presents even more opportunities to be a bit of a knob, like stealing something from one of the village’s residents, sneaking it in amongst the stock on the shop’s shelves, then watching as the oh-so-mean shopkeeper makes them buy their own stuff back. You also get to go on a bit of a shopping spree, filling your basket with goodies from the store’s shelves. (Shopping, in the goose’s moral code, means stealing, by the way.)

Now in a case of life imitating art (Untitled Goose Game is art, right, Roger Ebert?) the game’s developer, House House, has opened a quaint little shop. True to form, it’s called Untitled Goose Shop. (But because it’s an online shop, we don’t suspect you’ll easily be able to steal from it. Or get someone to buy their own stuff back, sadly.)

House House has been selling bits and pieces of Untitled Goose Game merch on the road, while touring the game around the various events and expos in the run-in to its release. But now that the Untitled Goose Shop is open, all of those items are (at the time of writing) back in stock and available to purchase.

In another neat little touch – and because it’s actually a bit difficult to gift games on Nintendo Switch – House House is also selling codes for Untitled Goose Game on Untitled Goose Shop. These come in the form of a code on the back of a cute postcard, which is a very elegant solution. Currently, these are only shipping to the US, but it’s a great way to get around a particularly silly problem entirely of Nintendo’s own making.

Our favourite piece of Goose merch are the sock puppets. They’re great as socks and puppets. Also, they make your hands and/or feet look like a goose! Alas, they are already on back-order, even though the shop’s only been live a few hours.

(Well, our actual favourite piece of Goose merch isn’t from the Untitled Goose Shop; it’s the infamous “Take Bell” t-shirt from Twitter user xxShawn. But given the goose’s chaotic alignment? We don’t think they’ll mind a shoutout to someone’s brilliant, unofficial fan-art merch.)

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