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Usain Bolt will be playable in PES 2018

The fastest man alive is available as a bonus for pre-orders of PES 2018.



Usain Bolt PES 2018

The fastest man alive is available as a bonus for pre-orders of PES 2018.

Officially licensed football games, like PES 2018, typically centre on getting as many likenesses and licenses as possible. So after having already secured a sort-of exclusive licensing deal with FC Barcelona – which has also seen Carlos ‘I’ll Bite Your Legs Off!’ Tevez promoted to the front cover – Konami have announced another bizarre licensing choice: Usain Bolt.

Yes, that Usain Bolt, eight-time Olympic champion sprinter and the fastest human being ever. No, we’re not joking! They announced it on Twitter with a short gameplay clip and everything:


You often find that sporting stars aren’t just good at one sport, though.

From heptathletes like Jessica Ennis-Hill (whose job it is to be skilled at multiple events) to people who might have been better at a different sport entirely like Tim Henman (the British tennis player and perennial nearly-man is reportedly a very good golfer), and even athletes who didn’t have much choice like Alessandro Zanardi (the former racing driver who became a para-cyclist after a horrific crash); multi-talented sporting stars aren’t rare.

And Bolt is apparently quite handy at football.

That doesn’t entirely explain why he’s being included as a playable pre-order bonus in PES 2018, but hey, he’s about to retire and the man needs to earn a living. Plus he’s going to have unassailable acceleration and speed stats.

Source: Twitter

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