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If you already own Mike Bithell’s Volume, you can pick up the free PSVR update – Volume: Coda – right now.

Volume, the third person, virtual reality-themed stealth game that totally isn’t just the Metal Gear Solid training missions with Robin Hood sensibilities and Andy Serkis, could have been a difficult second album for Mike Bithell.

Bithell, in case you’ve been asleep for a few years, shot to development fame with 2012’s Thomas Was Alone, and has become something of a poster boy for the British indie development scene. He’s also a thoroughly nice chap.

And now Bithell’s latest effort – Volume: Coda – the proper virtual reality half-sequel to the original game is available to download and play on your shiny new PSVR. If you already own Volume on PS4, you can download Volume: Coda for free from the PlayStation Store. If you don’t own Volume, then buying the game will allow you to download the PSVR update.

On this occasion, however, Bithell Games hasn’t built every fraction of the game with their own bare hands. They’ve worked with Just Add Water, another independent British studio well-known for their sub-contracting talents, with credits including I Am Bread and Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty under their belt, to bring the virtual reality expansion to Volume to fruition.

Volume: Coda contains 30 extra missions, additional storylines, and new voice-over work. Oh, and it’s also fully realised in virtual reality (in case you haven’t been paying attention).

If you don’t already have it, you can pick up Volume from the PlayStation Store to gain instant, free access to Volume: Coda.

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