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Old Skies is the latest point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games, the developer of Unavowed and the Blackwell series.

You know the Time Variance Authority in Loki, or the Temps Commission in The Umbrella Academy? (Or if you’re of a certain age, the Time Enforcement Commission in 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme action movie, Timecop?)

Basically, we’re talking about the shadowy organisations that monitor and police variations and offshoots in the timeline – did you ever think that might be a cool job?

Well Old Skies, the latest point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games, looks like it will be right up your street.

In Wadjet Eye Games’ own words:

“Time Travel is real and history is up for grabs! In this point-and-click, you play Fia Quinn, a time agent for the ChronoZen agency. Your job is to keep close watch on seven travelers who have the desire (and the bank accounts) to sightsee in the past. Some are simply curious. Others have unfinished business to resolve. And they’ve all put down a lot of money for the trip, so it’s vital that you keep them happy while ensuring they follow the rules. But what could go wrong? It’s only time travel, after all.”

So probably a bit less violent than Timecop, then, but the premise is similar.

Old Skies is currently in development for PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. We’ve got no indication of a release date, yet, but watch this space for further updates.

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