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Compulsion Games are making good use of their Early Access phase. Today they introduced the We Happy Few Clockwork update.

We Happy Few was already a pretty polished product, as Early Access releases go. Yes, it’s short to play through and – as with any modern roguelike – it can get pretty repetitive, but if you’re in the mood for quaint sixties Britain, in-plain-sight sneaking and some good old fashioned drug-fuelled home invasion, then it’s the game for you.

The important thing about Early Access is that it gives developers the opportunity to improve and refine the product. It gives developers the biggest testing group they’ve ever had, but whether they listen to it is entirely up to them.

Compulsion Games appear to have been listening, and have announced the We Happy Few Clockwork update, which introduces the following new or updated elements:

  • A new intro shelter, offering a larger, more guided tutorial to the game.
  • A brand new conversation mode, to allow you the opportunity to defuse Wellies with more than just waving and pill-popping.
  • Existing encounters – those that were already in the game – have been improved; you’ll have to abandon any previous runs to take advantage of this, though.
  • A general visual facelift to We Happy Few’s village of Hamlyn.
  • And a load of other tweaks to the game, including some lovely new first person character animations, like the ones we enjoyed so much in Firewatch.

You can read the full patch details of the We Happy Few Clockwork updates on Compulsion’s website.

The We Happy Few Clockwork update is available now, both for PC via Steam and through Xbox Game Preview.

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