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Another safe, another code to find. Unfortunately, the hotel gym safe code in The Last of Us Part II is a difficult one to find.

Most of the safe codes you’ll find in The Last of Us Part II are fairly straightforward. You’ll discover a note in the environment, sometimes on a dead body, with some whatever their last thoughts were. Then at the bottom, there’ll be a note that says something like, “When I’m gone, if you want to use my stuff, the safe code is…”

It’s a strangely altruistic turn for a game that insists that, in the event of the end of the world, people would bash each other’s brains in for a can of beans. Maybe humans are the real monsters and all that.

But sometimes you have to do a bit more work to discern the code. One code, called “the big win”, is particularly difficult to find. (But oh so obvious when you see it.)

The hotel gym safe code in The Last of Us Part II is similarly obscured. You’ll find a note on the notice board in the gym’s coffee shop which says the safe code is the same as the wireless password. But what’s the wireless password?

The Last of Us Part II hotel gym safe code note

There’s nobody around to ask. No helpful barista in the coffee shop or trainer in the gym to give you the password. So how do you find the code to open it, then? Well, you could skip down a little bit and find the answer. We will supply it.

But if you want to know where to find it for yourself? Look out for the reception desk. It’s behind some glass doors labelled “Hotel BlacRay” in the room with the free weights and cardio equipment. (That’s the personal trainer’s reception desk in the gym itself, not in the hallway outside. And if you’re in the pool area, you need to go through the changing rooms to find it.)

Behind the desk, there’s a sign with the wireless passcode which is, coincidentally, a six-digit number. That’s not a very secure wireless passphrase. It would not take very long at all to crack that and isn’t particularly realistic. But the fact it’s a six-digit number should make you suspicious.

You guessed it. The wireless passcode is also the hotel gym safe code. You’ll find the safe in the cupboard across the corridor from the gym area, next to the stairwell. (And the code is 121879, if you can’t be bothered to look, but it’s mere metres away. That’s lazy.)

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