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For some reason, angry nerds have been losing their cool over the “absence” of a Nintendo Direct recently.

That’s patently ridiculous, of course. They started wheeling out stats that it was the “longest wait ever” for a Nintendo Direct. (Well, other than the wait between the company’s foundation in 1889 and the first Direct in 2011, obviously.)

Some people were suggesting that Nintendo was “withholding” its Direct presentation. (Like Nintendo somehow owed it to them? Weird sense of entitlement.)

Then they started speculating as to why Nintendo was “withholding” the Nintendo Direct. (Maybe they don’t have anything to show? Maybe they’re waiting to reveal something new? Maybe they’re waiting to see what PS4 and Xbox Series X are going– seriously? Shhh.)

Anyway, there’s been a new Nintendo Direct announced, and it’s coming up tomorrow at 2 pm GMT / 6 am PT / 9 am ET. That’s February 20, 2020, if you’ve not been marking your calendars.

Tomorrow’s Direct presentation will be all about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of course. It makes sense: the game’s release is only weeks away. In it, we’ll get a better look at Tom Nook’s island timeshare scam holiday packages, and all of the gameplay and other delights on offer in the latest Animal Crossing.

Where can you watch the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct? Why, right here, of course:


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