Yoshi's Woolly World amiibo trio
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Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo are the cutest thing ever (and you can pre-order them now)

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Awww! They’re just so damn cute, we might explode!

UK retailer Game have started accepting pre-orders for the Yoshi’s Woolly World tie-in amiibo, announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct. Hyper-cute yarn Yoshi comes in three adorable colours – light blue, pink, and of course classic green – and you can buy them singularly for £19.99, pick up all three for £49.99, or in a bundle with the game for £79.99 which represents the best value for Yoshi lovers.

If you thought that there was a shortage of the regular amiibo, we reckon Nintendo’s yarn Yoshi amiibo will flutter-jump off the shelves quicker than all the rest. So until the day when parents are climbing over one another for the last few in stock, let’s just enjoy the enchanting little guys for how saccharine sweet they are and how they make us feel all warm and fuzzy.

All together now – awww!

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