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80 Days and Heaven’s Vault are coming to Nintendo Switch

Two excellent narrative games from Inkle are heading to the Nintendo Switch.



Nintendo Switch - Heaven's Vault

Inkle’s acclaimed narrative video games, 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault, are making the journey from PC and mobile to Nintendo Switch.

Well here’s a treat. Two quite wonderful games from Inkle are getting Nintendo Switch ports, starting with the globe-trotting adventure, 80 Days, on October 1, 2019. The Meg Jayanth-penned reworking of the classic Jules Verne novel was first released on mobile in 2014 before coming to PC a year later.

80 Days takes that iconic story and blends RPG mechanics, text adventure gameplay, and steampunk aesthetics to create an interactive experience that is both memorable and replayable. The game won the Excellence in Narrative category at the Independent Game Festival awards, and a slew of BAFTAs. It’s, you know, a bit of a classic.


The Switch edition includes Joy-Con and touchscreen controls, plus an updated UI that changes between docked and handheld modes for optimal legibility.

The studio’s 2019 release, Heaven’s Vault, will also come to Nintendo Switch in early 2020. Heaven’s Vault follows the adventures of archeologist Aliya Elasra and features a sprawling storyline with some mind-bending, linguistic puzzles to decipher.

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