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A Ghost of Tsushima movie is in production

Ghost of Tsushima is making its way to the silver screen.



Ghost of Tsushima - PlayStation 4
Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima is making its way from the PlayStation to the silver screen.

Sucker Punch Productions has announced that a movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima is in the works in collaboration with Sony Pictures. The film will bring the tale of Jin Sakai, along with his adaptive katana combat, to a “whole new vantage point.”

Heading up the project is action master Chad Stahelski, who successfully kicked off the Keanussaince with the brilliant John Wick series. Sucker Punch is ecstatic over the hire, claiming that the stuntman turned director has produced “some of the finest action scenes ever created”. Combat is a major focus of the 2020 PlayStation exclusive, so with experience bringing visceral action to film, Stahelski could be the perfect choice to helm this project.


With video game movie adaptations having a sketchy history, Ghost of Tsushima is primed to buck that trend. A real-world setting steeped in the history of the Mongol invasions – and framed within a samurai epic – makes the movie a recipe for success.

During its announcement, Sucker Punch casually announced that the critically acclaimed hit has sold more than 6.5 million copies since its launch in July last year.

While there is no word on a potential release year, fans will be eager to visit Tsushima once again when the movie adaptation finally hits the big screen.

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