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The co-op prison-break game A Way Out, from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has sold over a million copies.

Developer Hazelight made the announcement, and Josef Fares, the game’s creative director, took to Twitter to announce his delight:

“HOLY SHIT, this means that 2 million players have played the game. Thank you so much.”

What’s cool is that, as Fares points out, this means that 2 million people have actually played the game. A Way Out is only playable in co-op, but two copies of the game aren’t needed.

Despite being published by EA, all of the proceeds from game’s sales go straight to Hazelight. Fares confirmed that the publisher helps with marketing and support, but doesn’t receive a penny from sales.

Fares is already on to the next game. He announced in a tweet:

“Today is officially the start of the next game and I’m INCREDIBLY exited!!!!!! I love making videogames and can’t wait to show it!”

As it is still early days, there isn’t any information on the game yet.

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