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If you have $29,900 to spare, this super-cool collection of retro Nintendo items can be all yours.

It’s not cheap, but boy is it tempting. As reported by the Milwaukee Record, Nintendo enthusiast Charles Amble has put his entire collection of Nintendo games and memorabilia up for sale on eBay.

The collection has a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $29,900, and includes over 700 items. There are 539 NES carts, 80 SNES carts, 109 N64 carts, and over 140 game boxes. There are also full collections of every NES Mario, Zelda and Mega Man game, along with a variety of other peripherals, controllers, figurines, and ephemera.

There are consoles too, including a sealed Wii U Mario Maker edition, a NES Deluxe set (complete with ROB), and a rare Zelda edition Game Boy.

Also included are several point-of-sale displays, and a stunning illuminated World of Nintendo sign. Amble is even throwing in the pictured 47″ LCD TV.

Speaking to the Milwaukee Record, Charles Amble, said:

“Between the talk of having kids and moving to a house with no dedicated video game room, I’ve decided to sell my collection. For the past 10 years I’ve spent weekends at garage sales and making Craigslist deals, and this is the result. I hope my collection goes to someone who enjoys it as much as I have.”

You can check out the full listing on ebay, and see a complete list of every item in this Google doc. The one thing I’d love to have? The capless Mario figure you can see in the last picture.

Let’s hope the collection finds a good home. In the meantime, does anyone have some spare change?

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