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After its announcement last month, Nintendo has revealed that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released this week, on November 22nd.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Pocket Camp will allow players to rove around in their camper vans, making friends, acquiring knick-knacks – all that good Animal Crossing stuff.

Revealed in a tweet from Nintendo, in the guise Isabelle – a canine secretary:

https://twitter.com/animalcrossing/status/932443429337948160?ref_src=twsrc% 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.eurogamer.net% 2Farticles% 2F2017-11-20-animal-crossing-pocket-camp-gets-release-date

The game will run in real time, with events for people to get involved with at certain dates and times.

Pocket Camp is free to play, and will us micro-transactions. The game’s currency, Leaf Tickets, can be earned through playing, or bought with real money. This is then used to spruce up your camp, crafting items to impress your friends, and buying swanky attractions like pools and merry-go-rounds.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be Nintendo’s latest foray into the mobile market, following on from last year’s Super Mario Run, and the underrated Miitomo.

Check out the video from last month’s Nintendo direct to see Pocket Camp an action:


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