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Respawn and EA are adding the most-requested feature to Apex Legends. (No, not Titans. The other thing.)

Remember when Apex Legends arrived with a bang earlier this year? It had a swathe of celebrity streamers and influencer endorsements, and of course that brilliant ping system, but it was missing two things: Respawn’s signature Titans, and a solo mode.

Now both those missing elements are being addressed. Well, sort of. Fortnite Battle Royale’s tenth season now features mechs – sorry, Titanfall fans – but on the Apex Legends front, Respawn is adding a solos mode.

We bemoaned the lack of a solos mode when Apex Legends launched. It made sense, of course – some character classes will be more suited to solo play than others – but for those of us who don’t have many buddies don’t play well with others, being forced to play ApeLegs with a couple of randos is an oft-frustrating experience.

But now Apex Legends solos is here. (For a limited time.)

Starting on August 13, 2019, you’ll be able to play Apex Legends solo. That experiment will last for exactly two weeks, then EA and Respawn are going to take it away again.

If experience with EA disabling the underused duo game mode in Battlefield V to keep queueing times to a minimum is anything to go by, it will only consider bringing Apex Legends solos back in future if the mode proves popular.

So if you want to play Apex Legends solo after this two-week “trial” period, vote with your feet, people. Say no to pick-up games with randos; vote yes on ApeLegs solos.

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